Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another BSOD ... those Corsair RAMs are strange^^

Well, SPD info was incorrect, BIOS reported a CAS delay of 2.5, my RAMs have 2.0 ... changed that.


I hope that my system runs stable now^^

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Well, system is up and working.

-> memtest revealed a bad RAM stick ...

Below a picture of the cause-of-all-evil:

Below: Neopc beta

I still have a lot of work todo ... but everything's working.

Two strange things: WinXP installation hehaved different (again) and I got two BAD_POOL_CALLER bluescreens ... well, I raised the DIMM voltage ... seemed to help.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Another update:

I tried to recover my HDDs using Knoppix 3.4 & 3.7 no success, Ubuntu 7.04 also.

Then I tried to install a rescue-winxp on an IDE HDD ... no success (maybe all my old IDEs are really out of order, dunno)

Now, what worked:
- reseted all BIOS settings to their fail-safe defaults
- disabled hyper threading
- removed all RAMs, inserted a new one
- disabled my on-chip SATA , enabled on-board SATA
- low-level-format of a SATA HDD which seemed to have errors last time -> now worked
- installed a rescue-xp on this SATA drive

Well, currently I'm copying about 150GiB date to my wife's pc ... looks good.

After that I will low-level format all my SATAs and reinstall everything ... WinXP and openSUSE

... this will take a while^^

linux also crashes

well, two things could cause this: general hardware failure, or just crashed sectors on the hdd ... dunno ...

... will go to sleep now

tomorrow i'll check the bios, reset all config values, boot from a live-cd and check again

_ D A M N _


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Operation NEOPC Rescue update:

  • C# and C++ folders are currently transfered to my wife's pc ... looks good
... damn

I've killed windoze today ... and also messed up my HDD partitions ... 320GiB scrambled NTFS ... at least windoze doesn't like those ...

... luckily my main OS is openSuse right now^^

yet, damn

I will try to recover as much as possible, using my wife's windoze machine (_now_ the 250GiB IDE HDD which I gave her can do its best)

Nevertheless it will take a while until I am able to boot windoze again ... and some more days to re-install all the software.


Hmm ... just the right time, to redesign the partitions and make a clean win/nix install.

PS: I've noticed that I've forgotten to change the CS2 VSTi version number inside the .dll and on the GUI.
Still it _is_ v0.7.
So, a few emails in my inbox (and my wife) made me do a minor (or major) update of CetoneOrg and CetoneSynth2.

Changes in CetoneOrg (12th June 2008):
  • Fixed MSVCRT80.DLL issues (should now run on every Windoze machine)
Changes in CetoneSynth2 v0.7:
  • Fixed MSVCRT80.DLL issues (should now run on every Windoze machine)
  • Added VST parameters for MIDI controllers (Ableton Live 7 now shows 46 automation parameters)

Still more to come ...

Good night and good luck^^