Monday, February 11, 2008

So, I took a break from working on CetoneSynth2 and made a small ... let's call it 'fun' plugin.

I allways wanted to know how a Hammond sounds like ... or better: I allways wanted to have a small, free Hammond like VSTi. After querying google about "freeware hammond vst" didn't give any usefull results, I decided to do my own "Hammond like VSTi".

Because I don't own a Hammond, I looked up into the Hammond patent files, Wikipedia and other resources. After some thinking I came up with this: "CetoneOrg"

1. I implemented 89 tonewheels, using the original frequency dividers given in the patent file and 60Hz AC (virtually).

2. step was to figure out, how these tonewheels are controlled. After some more thinking I used following aproach:
All tonewheels are running constantly and when a key is pressed there are only "mixer control voltages" sent. "Higher voltages" override "lower voltages".

3. Harmonic foldback ... that was easy.

4. Key click ... was easy too.

5. I heard that when you press a key on the Hammond slowly, the tonewheels get "switched on" in series with a small delay ... so I implemented this controlled by velocity. Dunno if a real Hammond sounds like this, but I like it.

6. I thought about a virtual Leslie but discared this idea because I didn't want to simulate a doppler effect. So I just implemented a LFO which controls vibrato and panning and made the phase of the panning modulation adjustable.

7. Added a chorus/flanger

8. Added reverb

9. Added some controls for key click amount and tone (changes are subtle and are more audible when using higher FS)

10. Added pre and post volume for saturation

11. Added saturation to the chorus unit

12. Added a final low-pass filter

Now, some specs:

- 89 voice polyphonic (61 notes)
- Adjustable tone and key click
- LFO for vibrato and panning modulation
- Chorus/flanger
- Reverb
- tanh like saturation
- no GUI (right now)
- no presets (right now)

I will upload this thing tonight ... maybe someone will use this ... and if so, start a thread at KVR and notify me about this.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Ok, bug fixed v0.6 is out.

This is hopefully the last beta release^^

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Just to explain the fix I'll apply: There's some unwanted noise when using super mode and morph modulation. I'll remove this ...
Well, this update will take a little longer, because I have to do some major OSC fixes. I'll have to try something and I hope that I can upload the new version this evening.
I have discovered a BUG. Found out that I mixed up two variables which caused the main panning be overwritten by the audio input panning.
I'm going to have a smoke and a coffee ... after that I'll upload another fix ... v0.56 ...

I wonder how many 'fixes' I'm going to upload until CS2 runs flawless.


- Change voice allocator to search for voice with lowest volume
- Implement standard VST parameters for easy automation
- (maybe) exchange OSC core
- still add more presets
- Reduce GUI CPU load on changing parameters using MIDI CCs

I've uploaded a bugfixed version
(v0.55) yesterday to fix some problems with Cubase and Savihost.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

v0.5 is released