Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Finally I am working again on my plugins. Many things have changed during the last months and I was really busy doing some other coding stuff, but now I really want to revise my plugins (right after I have finished CetoneSynth2).

One really important thing I forgot when designing my first plugins was to compensate for denormalized numbers. This will be fixed.

But now some text about

I started to work on this new synthesizer about four days ago. After two days I already had the GUI partially working (knobs).

After some more thinking about this synth I can now present a list of features quirks:

The Oscillators:
The OSCs are using standard waveforms (bandlimited of course) saw, triangle, pulse and noise. The noise waveform will have some kind of pitch ability.

Semitone range from -64 to 63
Finetune range from -64 to 63 cents
Morph controls either the pulse waveform's pulse width or the triangle waveform's sawtooth-to-triangle morph parameter.

There will be a nice feature, but I'm not sure if it is really usable: Different oscillator modes.

'Normal' mode:

The oscillator works like a standard analogue one, producing one waveform.

'Add' mode:
You don't select only one waveform at a time but you may select a combination of waveforms which then is mixed and outputted.

'Mul' mode:
Same as 'Add' mode, but with waveform multiplication (AM).

I'm really curious about how those OSCs will sound (early sound tests produced nice results).

The OSC frequency range will have a maximum at about 9kHz I think.

Later more ...


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