Monday, January 28, 2008

Today I'll revise the oscillator code in CetoneSynth2. Sync still does produce lots of aliasing when using with high frequencies. After thinking about this (when I was trying to find get some sleep) I've come up with a simple equation to calculate the frequency of the slave oscillator (modulated by the master) for anti aliasing:

slave-frequency + master-frequency.

I'll test this today and also give the oscillator a wider frequency range (note range stays (0-120)) to avoid aliasing.

Man am I tired ... *sigh* ... fell asleep at about 0430h ... had to get up at 0800h but slept 'til 0915h ... so I'm already late for my 'job' (I'm currently unemployed and have to do some job with <1$ payment per hour (forced by our "agency for work" which gives us money because we don't have a job)).


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