Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I've totally rewritten the GUI to Synth parameter handling after I realized that the Synth engine doesn't has to have functions for making the GUI reading or writing values more easily.
Now the Synth engine only fas functions for setting parameters and only one or two (needed) references to the GUI.

GUI GDI object count should be approx. 60 or 70.
Memory usage is approx. 6MB (when using more instances of CetoneSynth2 the amount of used memory increases slightly (a few KB or so per instance)).

ARP sync is done at sample accuracy (I'll implement sub-sample accuracy today).

Again: reduced CPU usage.
I've tested the plugin on my wife's AMD Duron 1GHz, 16 voices, 3xSuper, 24dB makes a total of 50% CPU usage.
Tests on an AMD Duo 2.2GHz, same sound, about 25% usage.

I think the CPU usage is acceptable.

Stay tuned: Beta version will hopefully be available on the 26th January.

Some words about that beta version: I need your help^^
So, please, all of you, liking my synths, please test CetoneSynth2 in your VST hosts and report bugs to me. This time I want to release a (more or less) perfect product including a real documentation.
And _you_ can help me.

The beta release will be anounced at KVR Audio's Instrument forum.


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